VILLA PISANI – the Loveliest Garden in Italy

The villa was built in the 18th century by francesco maria preti, on an original project by gerolamo frigimelica. The works were completed in time to celebrate the appointment of the owner, alvise pisani, to […]

VILLA FOSCARINI and the Footwear Museum

Villa foscarini rossi was built in the 17th century, at the point where the tergola flows into the brenta river. It consists of the mansion, the guesthouse and the old stables, in a lovely park […]

Villa Contarini dei Leoni

Recently restored, the 16th century villa, frescoed by tiepolo, will soon become a reference for collectors, with a vast documentation center, the only one in italy. The prestigious exhibition gallery of villa dei leoni will […]

VILLA WIDMANN Rezzonico Foscari

Villa widmann rezzonico foscari, one of the jewels of the late venetian baroque period, was built at the beginning of the 18th century by the venetian nobles of the scerimann family, at a site that […]

Barchessa Valmarana

The architectural complex of villa valmarana is located on one of the more spectacular bends along the brenta canal. The entire construction goes back to the 17th century and was built by the valmarana family. […]

VILLA FOSCARI known as “La Malcontenta”

It is the first villa we encounter coming up the brenta from venice, it was built between 1550 and 1560 for the foscari family, and its function was primarily as a country estate. Palladio was […]


Villa allegri is located at oriago di mira, on the riviera del brenta, and was built by count allegri di vughizzolo in the 18th century on 16th century foundations, as a gambling casino and hunting […]

VILLA TITO – The Painter’s House and Characteristic Oratory

The mansion at villa tito, borders on the east with what is now the velluti property, in the sambruson district of dolo, and goes back, perhaps, to the last 18th century. Its rather shabby appearance […]

VILLA BENZI SMANIA – The Ancient Ice House and the Frescoes by Cerruti

The property is located in the municipality of strà. No one knows who built the house, or who designed it, but it was frescoed by cerruti, known as il pittocchetto, who worked in padua and […]

VILLA FARSETTI – The Villa built by Filippo Farsett

Villa farsetti was planned and built by the abbot, filippo farsetti, who came from a noble venetian family and was a great connoisseur of culture and art in his time. He began construction of the […]