Nature Tour Itineraries

These tours are the ideal way to discover the treasures of the Riviera while enjoying a day in the open air. A bike tour to admire the lovely villas and surrounding landscape can become a unique cultural experience. The typical Venetian boat tours are the perfect way to discover the South Lagoon, a fascinating environment and delicate ecosystem that provides a haven for an extraordinary variety of animals.

Southern Lagoon Half Day

Half-day itinerary that winds along the main fishing marshes. The boat navigates the Cornio canal that skirts the Cornio and Averto marshes where it is possible to observe numerous species of birds that nest and […]

All Day Tour of The Southern Lagoon

Full day itinerary through the marshes and shoals, the beaches and harbors of the lagoon. It is possible to admire the splendid, unusual hunting lodge of Valle Zappa and the ancient tower of the Padovana […]

Bicycle Tours

The Brenta Naviglio flows into the Venetian lagoon, famous all over the world for Venice, but also for the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. Few people know that the Riviera del Brenta, in addition […]