The Magic of Waters

It is still possible, traveling on modern, comfortable boats, to cruise up and down the Brenta Naviglio, “dropping in on the villas” as the noble Venetians and many other famous artists and illustrious personalities used to do. The slow, regal pace of boats that ply the canal, a natural extension of the Grand Canal, is the most appropriate way to appreciate the sumptuous residences that lined the Brenta.

The Islands of The Lagoon

The most exciting and oldest way to visit the Riviera del Brenta. Its fortune is undoubtedly linked to the waterway that connects it with Venice almost like an extension of the Canal Grande. Every year, […]

The Riviera del Brenta from The Water

From March to October, boat tours of the Riviera del Brenta are scheduled. The tour has a high cultural, historical, artistic and environmental value. Along the canal it is possible to admire many villas and […]