Carnevale degli Storti

Last Sunday before Lent and thereafter This event has been celebrated since 1979, and is very popular, especially for its parade of allegorical floats. Visitors come from all over the region, as well as thousands […]

Riviera Fiorita

Second Sunday in September Established in 1977, Riviera Fiorita is an impressive historical and folkloristic event that evokes the passage along the Riviera in 1574 of Henry III, king of France. Now, as then, a […]

Flea markets

                                                                         every Sunday Every Sunday the Riviera is populated by a crowd of characteristic local merchants. In particular, at Isola Bassa, the old part of the town of Dolo, there is an interesting Antiques market […]

Venice Marathon

  October The Venicemarathon is an exciting sports event, a standard 42 km length marathons that attracts over 5000 participants from all over the world. The spectacular route includes the fascinating landscape of the Riviera, […]

Weddings in Riviera del Brenta. The Perfect Setting

The Riviera del Brenta offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding. To get married in one of the Riviera’s historical mansions, an elegant estate or a refined restaurant is an opportunity that attracts more […]