Nature Tours by Boat on the Lagoon South of Venice

Atn laguna sud is the tourist promotion agency for navigation that organizes nature tours by boat on the lagoon south of venice. The itineraries are the result of a wealth of technical, scientific and ethnographic knowledge of the lagoon environment, and serve to spread the knowledge of the area to ensure that it is safeguarded and visited in a responsible way. During the tours, stops are made in the marshes to observe the structures and buildings that characterize these places. The boats used are typical venetian motorboats, fully restructured and suited to navigation on the shallow depths, painted various shades of green to harmonize better with the environment. A professional guide on board illustrates the natural attractions of the zone and entertains the guests with stories of hunting and fishing in the swamplands.

Private embarkation pier; reception area; parking lot and NEW IN 2009 – typical lagoon construction (palafitte):
Located across from the famous Casone of the Zappa March once used for processing shellfish, it has been completely restructured.
Its strategic position places it at the highest level, with a spectacular view. Known as “La Pettegola” (the Redleg),
because of the presence of the bird of the same name, and it is used, during the tours, for observation of the landscape,
birds and fauna, for practical workshop activities with the schools and at a rest stop.

Environmental education for the schools; nature tourism for individuals and groups;
nature photography for individuals and groups: for the fun of snapping instants, views…to transmit emotions through images;
Exclusive events for groups to enjoy in an impressive, reserved setting, a traditional marshland menu of local seafood

Its location, in the heart of the marshland on the southern lagoon, enables visitors to enjoy the unique landscape from the beginning to the end of the tour.
The headquarters are on the Cornio Marsh, in a small area in a central location with respect to the other marshes of the lagoon. It is the ideal location for reaching,
in the shortest possible time, a number of significant sites of interest for naturalists on the southern lagoon.
The access is on the S.S. Romea 309 highway linking Mestre to Chioggia, at the 110 km marker – in the Lova district of Campagna Lupia.

S.S. Romea, 17 – 30010 Campagna Lupia Lova (VE) – Tel. +39 041 467147 – Fax +39 041 467149
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