Villa allegri is located at oriago di mira, on the riviera del brenta, and was built by count allegri di vughizzolo in the 18th century on 16th century foundations, as a gambling casino and hunting lodge. In the summer months it was the place where noble venetians went to spend an evening in high society between entertainment and gambling. In style, it is a classic venetian palace built inland. The villa is still inhabited by the allegri von ghega family. It is surrounded by a vast garden, structured in the italian style with french influences on the side facing the canal. In the back the italian layout is still visible, but part of the garden has been given over to a romantic 19th century english style garden. The park is decorated with statues, roman columns and a roman arch. Villa allegri, over the centuries, has offered hospitality to many historical families. In 1848 it was the home of the austrian field marshal radetzky, who had long-standing bonds of friendship with the allegri von ghega family. Radetzky commanded the siege of the city of venice during the uprising of the city against the austrians. After 1815 one of napoleon’s generals, marshal marmont, duke of ragusa, spent long holidays there, as did the musician, piero mascagni, the prince of arenberg and the violinist ettore monelli in the 18th century. Giacomo casanova was one of the regular guests of the gambling casino.

interiors, garden, collection of family objects.

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