The structure, hand and line of tiepolo can clearly be seen in the frescoes on some of the walls of villa bon, a 16th century construction reproduced by coronelli and costa. The paintings, known as the “Seasons” are figures, shaded in grey, believed to be an early work of the young giandomenico tiepolo, that decorate the hallway that extends to the right of the grand entrance. The mansion was remodeled in the 19th century, when the interiors were decorated with plaster figures and other decorations in the neo-classical taste, lunettes with cupids in chiaroscuro and an imposing marble statue adorning a stairway leading to the first floor. Villa bon can be said to have two façades: the one facing on the waterway and decorated with rusticated pilaster strips, a motif that reappears on the ground floor of the façade facing on the park, like the solution of the triangular tympanum crowning both façades. The addition of the south wing, set slightly back, was made during a later restoration. The paintings have been carefully studied by the art critic ravanello who, on the basis of style comparisons, attributes them to costantino cedini (1741-1811), an artist from padua, who probably did them around 1794, when the villa was owned by the capello family. An interesting feature of the complex is the heated greenhouse, built in the 19th century, with a southern exposure, naturally, which served then, as now, as a shed for citrus trees during the cold winter months.

frescoes interiors and park.

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