Villa foscarini rossi was built in the 17th century, at the point where the tergola flows into the brenta river. It consists of the mansion, the guesthouse and the old stables, in a lovely park that covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The main mansion was built early in the 17th century on the site of an earlier building, by the venetian nobleman, jacopo foscarini, an admiral of the great serenissima fleet who had won distinction in the battle of corfù and, like many other rich venetians, decided he needed a country home in proper style where he and his family could go for rest and recreation. This was the purpose of the guest house, built facing the family mansion: to house the many, often illustrious visitors that the foscarini family received, including gaspare gozzi, author of the sermon and a good friend of the doge, marco foscarini, and francesco maria iii, duke of modena. The main attraction of the guesthouse is the ballroom, frescoed in 1652 in honor of the marriage of giovanni battista foscarini with chiara soranzo. The frescoing was done by the famous quadraturist, domenico de bruni, with his refined play of perspective, and by the artist pietro liberi, specialized in allegorical works on the theme of war and peace, who painted the east and west walls of the ballroom, respectively. Early in the 19th century, the new owners of the property, the negrelli family, had the mansion remodeled by the architect jappelli, to adapt it to the changed tastes of the time, adding the two symmetrical terraces, eliminating the stairway on the façade and the mezzanine floor, to raise the ground floor ceilings to the same height as the second, or “Noble” floor. They also embellished the interiors with precious decorations (in the gothic room and egyptian room). Since the early nineties of the 20th century, the property has been owned by the rossimoda footwear company that, after restoring all the buildings, transformed the old stables into the private residence of the owners, the guest house into a conference center, and the mansion into its company museum, where it is possible to admire over 1500 models of women’s luxury footwear, produced by the company in over sixty years of activity, in cooperation with some of the greatest designers on the international scene (dior, givenchy, lacroix, fendi, yves saint laurent, emilio pucci, kenzo, celine and many others…).

the interiors, the Footwear Museum, the frescoed guesthouse and the garden.

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