The mansion at villa tito, borders on the east with what is now the velluti property, in the sambruson district of dolo, and goes back, perhaps, to the last 18th century. Its rather shabby appearance is not due to neglect but to the explicit wishes of the owners, who use it as a country house and place for spiritual retreats. It consists of a house with venetian-style halls plastered by the owners, a basement, an oratory, a lemon shed, garden and park. The park lies entirely to the south of the villa. There is still an icehouse there, now unused, covered by an artificial hill. It was formerly owned by the famous painter ettore tito (1859-1941), an academic of italy, whose easel is still kept in the house and who gave its name to the street, then by his son luigi (1907-1991). The villa and lanes in the park are the settings in which the creativity of these two artists found its maximum expression, and the decorations of the interiors as well as the monumental gate are the evidence. The villa also has, among its outbuildings, an oratory divided into three sections that make it quite original. Now the house continues to be used by the grandsons of ettore tito, including eppe, a worthy heir to the artistic traditions of the family.

interiors of the noble floor, oratory, lemon shed, park.

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