The Riviera del Brenta has always been a well-traveled route connecting Venice and Padua, which could be reached both overland and traveling along the canal. It is an area with ties to the land as well as to the sea and for this reason expresses the maximum quality and imagination in its cuisine. There are a great many restaurants that offer extraordinary meals and fine wines to go with them. Once the ancient inns that lined the Brenta provided food and lodging for travelers between the city of Padua and the Serenisima, and now taverns and restaurants cater to a discriminating public in search of the bonds between the place and its culinary culture. In their heyday, the villas served meals that were nothing less than “culinary events” alternating between fish and game, accompanied by gallons of wine, with musicians playing in the background. The tradition continues and the local chefs prepare rustic recipes based on pork, duck, guinea fowl and rabbits, accompanied by fresh vegetables as well as sophisticated seafood entrees of raw fish, scallops, mussels, clams, cuttlefish eggs, oysters and other specialties such as sardines in “saor”, calamari Venetian style, “baccalĂ  mantecato”, grilled and fried fish and other delights. The wines selected from local production are known all over the world.

Rediscover the flavors of long ago that prompted Venetian nobles to build their “country houses” and spend their holidays in this delightful place. Taverns and Restaurants offer seafood menus that are another reason to appreciate this place and decide to spend a vacation or a weekend here. Even some of the Cellars of the Riviera del Brenta have convenient dining rooms, large parking lots, shady gardens with gazebos and tables, to offer a simple, cordial, friendly welcome to visitors and groups that want to rediscover those aspects of the rural, cultural and culinary heritage linked to the wines of the land.